A Prayer for America

A Prayer for Donald Trump

My Musing and a Prayer for America

I’m an Australian and give particular attention to what happens in the USA as our country has significant economic, military and political ties with it and there are always effects good and/or bad due to these ties.

After the euphoria of the Obama and his Administration, who in my humble opinion was one of the most corrupt presidents in US history, (despite looking for any signs of goodness in the early days, he just went from bad to worse), along came President Trump. This polarising man caused me to pay even closer attention. Our media in Australia is every bit as bad as the MSM in America and I found it hard to believe what I was hearing. After doing more research and watching closely this man in office, I came to appreciate this was a man of true greatness.

He was smart, clever, strategic; I watched over and over President Trump setup situations, called peoples bluff and boy was he upsetting the establishment! All the more he was getting the job DONE!

President Trump is not a perfect man. However, I believe he is a great man. My observations are

1. When he does something truly wrong, he is repentant and makes amends
2. He always does what he says he is going to do. He is a man of integrity.
3. If you enter into a contract/covenant/relationship he is utterly faithful
4. He doesn’t suffer fools or those who betray him.
5. He is man who can be trusted.
6. I don’t know in detail the history of American Presidents, however, I find Trumps accomplishments during his first term amazing. Against the withering opposition he has faced, they are simply stunning.

The level of fraud in the recent election is astounding. It seems clear to me that it has been going on for years, probably on both sides, however, it is the blatancy of fraud and corruption that astounds me this time around.

Something has to be done or America is finished. The world knows the election was rigged. If the current situation stands, deep down, the world will know that America can no longer be trusted in anything. Commerce, cultural exchange, advancement, will all revert to tribal oneupmanship. The culture of who can deceive the other the most will be the winner. What a horrible way to live.

America’s sins are great. From corruption, abortion, the attacks on the family one can argue judgement is due. However, given the amount of support from Trump from ordinary Americans, I want to believe that this is an indicator of good people wanting to do the right thing and Trump in many ways stands for this. I don’t accept the populist idea. People are smarter than that.

The Trump administration has achieved simply stunning results in the Middle East and it’s support for Israel places Trump and America under God’s blessing. “Those who bless you, I will also bless”

I believe Donald Trump has been raised up by the Almighty. In his weaknesses, Yehovah displays himself strong. Donald’s life and character have pathways Yehovah can display some of His attributes. He identifies with God named in the official motto of the United States of America, In God we Trust.

Therefore, I write the following prayer to Almighty God, Yehovah the God of Israel, the creator and judge of all men.

A Prayer for America and President Donald Trump

Our Father, who is as close as the air that we breathe. Hallowed be your name, Yehovah.
We beseech you according to your word and your character, not according to our own merits or imaginations, hear us we pray.

For all who call on the name of Yehovah will be saved you have proclaimed and so we call. Father Yehovah help us, hear our prayer.

May wickedness be cut off in the land of America, may the fallen through repentance find mercy, however, the proud and haughty, may they be utterly cut off.

May deceivers and liars be destroyed by their own wicked schemes. May the corrupt be exposed, those thing done in the shadows may they be brought to light.

Is not the Son Yeshua, the light (‘Or’ Spiritual Light) of the world? Cause this light to shine we pray. May darkness be driven away.

May evil doers be cut off and those who wait upon Yehovah inherit the land
May the wicked from the earth be cut off, And treacherous dealers plucked out of it!
Does not the arrogant dig pits for us in violation of Your Torah. Let the wicked fall into their own nets, while your chosen pass by in safety.

For President Donald Trump, we pray for wisdom, courage and steadfastness. Is it not you Yehovah who deposes kings and raises up others. Yehovah gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. May President Trump serve humbly under your hand, led by the set apart Ruach, always seeking your counsel. You will not share your glory with another, so please demonstrate your power, truth, love and light that the righteous may rejoice and the wicked be put to shame.

To the arrogant and stoned hearted, the haughty who laugh in your face, respond to them in like manner, but to the lowly, those who will humble themselves before you, may you show kindness and deliver us from all our troubles.

For the nation of America, have mercy. Do not treat it as it’s sins deserve, but with compassion, forgiveness and grace, lead this nation to a new freedom it has never before known. For all it’s peoples we pray. Have mercy. Have mercy upon us.

We approach you, Almighty God, on the basis of the renewed covenant cut in the blood of your Son Yeshua the Messiah. For if anyone will turn and put away their wicked ways, they can find rest in you. To You Yehovah, be all honour power and strength.

Hear our Prayer
Amen, Amen, Amen.

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