1,000 Manuscripts with Yehovah

Nehemia Gordon celebrates the incredible milestone

In this special episode of Hebrew Voices, 1,000 Manuscripts with Yehovah, Nehemia Gordon celebrates the incredible milestone of finding God's holy name with full vowels in over 1,000 Hebrew Bible manuscripts. Nehemia speaks with some of his team scouring Bible manuscripts in libraries around the world, as well as some of the people who have been key in spreading this vital information to Israel and the Nations. He also shares the exciting project he has planned next.

My thanks to all those who support my ministry and make it possible for me to do this important research! Thanks also to T-Bone, Dawn Irion, Chris Clark, Adam Kinghorn, and all the other volunteers scouring the libraries of the world looking for Yehovah's holy name in Hebrew Bible manuscripts!

1000 Manuscripts with Yehovah


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