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Dr. Dwight Pryor earned the respect and appreciation of Christians throughout the United States and internationally as a gifted Bible teacher of exceptional clarity and depth. His teaching always approached Scripture from the Hebraic orientation of the Messiah.

Good resources at minimal cost and an online community you can be a part of to study with.
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Aryeh's Notes

Dr Dwight Pryor, now with Yeshua, was one of my most loved teachers as I made the journey out of error to truth. The oversimplified picture of God given by the Church is exploded with such wonder from the Scriptures that my heart burned.

JC Studies remains a bridge between Christian and Hebraic thought, however doesn't fully embrace the true Messianic perspective holding onto many Christian ideas and perspective.s Dwight's teaching on the nature of God, The Holy Spirit, the Kingdon of God, and Yeshua bring new depth that is hard to find elsewhere. I recommend this site as a transition resource that you can expect to outgrow, that without, you may find the final goal a lot more difficult.

aryehcater.com is not associated with JC Studies in anyway.