Rood Awakening

The Ministry of Micheal Rood is being used by Yehovah to bring together many of His servants who for many years have laboured in areas of expertise mostly independent of the other.

The result is astounding new insights, proofs and recovered treasures showing Yehovah and His word to be all they claim to be. This knowledge is essential to wipe away centuries of lies, false doctrine and to rediscover the Truth of the God of Israel.

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Aryeh's Notes

When I fist came across Michael Rood, I was initially excited as it wasn't only me thinking the way I did. However, quite frankly, I thought him a bit out there on the edge, too exuberant and not to my taste.

However, over the years, Michael's minsitry has contributed some of the most important advances to the Messianic movement either themselves directly, or by bringing together other experts such as Nehemia Gordon and Dr Miles Jones together with many others in such a way so as to solidify the exciting undeniable truth of Yehovah, the Scriptures and Israel.
A Rood Awakening has delivered the Chronological Gospels, The Corrected Calendar, Evidence for the Exodus and The Importance of Torah. is not associated with A Rood Awakening in anyway.