Torah Class

Torah Class is an immersion into the history, culture and language of the Torah and the Bible.

Old and New Testament teaching is from a Hebraic heritage that leads to proper revelation of God's Word in the context the authors intended.

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Aryeh's Notes

Having used this resource for over five years, it is probably the most valuable and comprehensive I've ever come across. Tom Bradford is an avid student of the scriptures and continues to learn and change his perspectives as he is led.

It should be noted that Tom's teaching while excellent, is fallible. There are times when you can see both Christian and Judaic influence affect his teaching and perspectives that at times could be considered a little suspect.

There are also some issues where new evidence, both in the form of physical artifact, linguistic evidence or new technology makes some of his assertions now incorrect. Like anything, we need to test everything.

You will notice throughout the teaching modules that Tom will tell you he has changed his perspective and why. For me this is a sign of a true and great teacher. has no association with Torah Class, except as a registered student.